How a Virtual Office benefits Start-ups and Small Businesses

Updated: Feb 24

Are you looking for a way to enhance your business productivity and identity while saving time and money? ZworkSpace is a co-working space with affordable membership options for a virtual office in Fullerton, CA, starting as low as $25 a month. We strive to help sole proprietors, small businesses, and satellite teams with flexible space options at an affordable price. Our virtual office membership comes with a private mailing address in Fullerton, California, as well as a Google phone number assistance. We can also take care of mail forwarding or scanning for you for a small handling fee. Membership also grants you a 10% discount on our beautifully designed conference room.

Whenever you need to host meetings or meet with your clients, here are some amenities you can expect from our conference room:

  • High-speed wireless Internet

  • A wall-mounted flat-screen TV with HDMI port

  • A whiteboard and markers

  • Complimentary refreshments

  • Seating for up to 10 people

Here are some benefits of Virtual Office:


Operating your business by using a virtual office with a physical address allows you to keep your home address away from your business. Many home-based business operators do not want their customers showing up at their private residences. You can protect your family's privacy, as well as your own, by having a separate business address for business concerns.


Having a business address separate from your home allows you to maintain the same address even if you change residences, which can minimize confusion for customers while establishing continuity. This choice also builds trust, because your business address will always remain the same.


With a virtual office physical address, you can keep home and business separate by having your business mail delivered to a non-residential address. We can scan all letters and packages as they are received and upload the images to a secure private mailbox for you. You can also have mail forwarded to your home address, or you can choose a different address that would be more convenient. You can also designate items you want shredded or stored at your discretion.

Online searches

Having a virtual address is also a great way to propel yourself in search engine results. Google Local, for example, does not allow a P.O. box to double as a physical address, so using a virtual physical address through our service allows you to maintain good results in search rankings even though you may do business elsewhere.


A virtual office allows for lower overhead costs while you are growing your business, which makes this a perfect option for startups, especially those that are run from home. Instead of having to pay to lease a commercial workspace and pay for its utilities, your money goes right back into your pocket to invest as you feel necessary. Having a physical address separate from your home address helps establish credibility for both customers and creditors, which can be highly beneficial if you decide to make the move to an office or another commercial facility in the future.

Observing restrictions

It's highly possible that you live in an apartment complex, condominium, or in the jurisdiction of a homeowners association that does not allow you to run a business out of your home. If your business is unobtrusive, it's possible to get permission to use a virtual address instead of your home address to minimize restrictions on your ability to do business your way. No matter what your needs are for a virtual office in Fullerton, CA, ZworkSpace has you covered. For more information about our services, or to sign up for a membership, contact us at or 714.253.7788.

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