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4 Smart Hot Desk Etiquettes To Follow For Productive Working

Hot Desk

Hot desking is nothing but a smart and flexible work strategy found in the active office areas. It encourages desk sharing instead of using a personal and permanent desk.

Hot desks are perfect for employees who spend less than 60% of their time at their workplaces. These desks also maximize the productivity of the employees by giving them a flexible schedule.

However, in shared workplaces, problems may occur. Following some etiquettes is a helpful way to avoid those unwanted problems. Get introduced to them in brief from the continuing lines.

Etiquettes You Should Go After When Using A Hot Desk

Etiquette 1- Desk Reservation Is Important

Free-for-all techniques might not work all the time. Companies that encourage hot desking need to be sure that reserving facilities are available. Using dry-erase boards is a potent way of reservation.

Besides, desk reservation software also makes this job easier. Whatever be the reservation process, employees need to know all those rules beforehand. Improper usage of software or whiteboards may result in the employees fighting unnecessarily for space.

Etiquette 2- Make The Right Use Of The Company Storage

Shared hot desks are not meant for storing your possessions. So, for the proper storage of these items, use cabinets, backpacks, lockers properly. Storing your possessions in those areas doesn’t make the desks clutter-free only. Besides, you can be sure about the safety of your items.

Etiquette 3- Leave The Desk In A Better Condition

You are supposed to leave your desk in the same state when you have arrived. But there’s nothing wrong with leaving it in an improved condition!

Before leaving, don’t forget to throw away the regular things, such as wipes, empty sanitizer bottles, etc. Studies have proven that dirty and messy desks accumulate germs that can cause severe health hazards. Hence, pay an added attention to cleanliness and try to maintain it.

Etiquette 4- Don’t Forget Your Colleagues Sitting Beside You

“Treat others as you want to be treated”- Hopefully, you have not forgotten this golden rule. Keeping this in mind, always try to respectful to your co-workers. Request them politely to act professionally if you find them moving around the office even after booking a desk.

Help them so that your workmates can cope up with this new work culture easily. Try to minimize your phone calls as that may cause a disturbance to the other staff working with you.


However, if this desking is your choice as an employer, be sure all your employees know all these etiquettes. And if you are looking for suitable hot desks, contact us now. We make sure to provide the ideal desks for our respected clients at a fair rate.


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