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Discover The Incredible Office Design Evolution In The Past Few Decades

The changes in the office designs have a direct connection with the quickly changing society, work culture, and other factors. Offices are one of the places that reflect this changing culture.

However, you can’t deny that the offices have gone through a drastic change in the last few decades. I am trying to give an outline of those dramatically changed working areas in this blog. Keep on reading.

Office Designs In The 1990s- Focused On Open Areas And Comfort

Employees of this era have experienced the revolutionary computer movement. The offices of this decade were outfitted with huge monitors on each desktop. Late 1900 was the time when the concept of working in open spaces was introduced.

Offices of 1990 were a slow lean to the relaxing working areas with colorful decoration and comfortable furnishing.

2000s Offices- Minimal Clutter With A Casual Touch

Email became the widespread communication medium in this age. And office desks became less cluttered. Besides, the beginning of this new decade leads us to a casual trend. The main motto of this trend was to encourage the usage of personalized spaces.

These areas were suitable for spending long hours with comfort. The shifting of furnishing to modern and vibrant furniture incorporated an added charm to these offices.

2010 Offices Took Office Designs To The Next Level

Sleeker PCs to smaller mobiles, this decade has experienced all these. The modern concepts of working from any place got popular in this age. Due to this cause, the popularity of offices with a homely aesthetic feeling became demandable.

Besides, companies became more focused on the well-being of their employees. Boring workplaces were no longer in existence. Instead, offices of this era were interesting and engaging. Entertainment zones like breakout zones, hubs became common.

What About 2020 Office Designs?

The climate-changing, harsh ecological impact in this decade encouraged office owners to go for sustainable alternatives. Sustainable offices take the prime role in this decade.

Besides, energy-saving also became an integral part. The increased uses of plants have become quite demandable in modern spaces. Concepts like loop booths, cubical were there to ensure the best privacy to employees.

The impact of the coronavirus attack has changed working concepts radically as well. Offices with open areas and sufficient spaces have got popularity.

Also, the change in work culture is worth mentioning. Most companies have embraced trends like remote working, work-from-home in this decade.

In the next decades, we are looking forward to experiencing the intensification of the technologies that will reflect in the offices. Besides, the concepts of communal and private workplaces will grow.

Final Thoughts

The radical evolution in office designs in the last decade has helped us to come out of the traditional offices. The co-working concepts have challenged the relevance of conventional offices to some extent. However, book a tour of our site and get an idea about our modern office spaces. We provide all these offices at an affordable rate.


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