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Here’s How Coworking Spaces Keep Their Communal Kitchen Safe

communal kitchen

Keeping the communal kitchen in a pristine condition is a big consideration for coworking spaces. From drinking water to the coffee machine, everything should be free from contaminants. It’s a space where you can relax during work. Therefore, as a freelancer, if you wish to lease a coworking space, you should know beforehand that how they keep their communal kitchen safe. So, keep scrolling down!

How Coworking Spaces Maintain Their Communal Kitchen

A Thorough Clean

It’s one of the most vital steps to keep a coworking space neat and clean. This space undergoes thorough cleaning on a daily basis. Here, every appliance is sanitized. So, whether you want to cook food or spend some time with your favorite beverage, you can use the communal kitchen without any hesitation.

Encouraging Staff to Wash Hands

Keeping hands clean is one of the best ways to avoid catching viruses. Hence, each coworking space encourages its staff to wash their hands before entering and accessing the appliances of a communal kitchen.

Setting the Capacity

In many coworking spaces, you will notice that a limited number of people are allowed in this space to use the facilities. It actually depends on how spacious the communal kitchen is. Therefore, if your business will have a large number of employees, it’s prudent to access the kitchen facilities by the department.

Alternative Area

Nowadays, we all need to maintain social distancing to avoid spreading infections. And keeping this in mind, many coworking spaces use an alternative open area for socializing. Here, you will spend your time during the break enjoying tea or coffee.

Final Words

We, ZworkSpace, are quite concerned about the cleanliness of our communal kitchen. From purified water to coffee/tea station, we provide all facilities to the occupants. Our rental charge is quite affordable. Read our other blogs for more information.


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