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Maintaining Personal Space At Office: Navigating The New Norms!

Coworking & Virtual Office

Working experience in an office will never be the same at all. Different causes are there, including the pandemic that leads us to these changes. Anyway, many workplaces are now getting used to these changes and changing their office layouts in many ways.

Whether be it adding the sanitizer stations or installing dividers between desks, you will find changes everywhere.

But any of these won’t come to your help at all if you can’t maintain the required personal space. To do this task easily, go after the tips mentioned below.

Here Are The Ways To Maintain The Personal Space Properly

Continue reading and check the useful ways of maintaining this space.

Set The Required Rules

Unfortunately, all people don’t perceive personal space in the same way. It is advisable to maintain six feet distance, but still, some gray areas will be there. For example, many people think what is the right time to wear a face mask?

What about the maximum number of people in the conference space? All these facts become easier when you set a specific guideline that will allow all to be on the same page.

Go Virtual

There’s no denying that in-person meetings come with different advantages. But for added safety, it’s better to conduct meetings online now.

Make use of the messaging, email, or phone calls and talk to your meeting mates virtually. Avoiding face-to-face conversation is a potent way to keep this deadly virus away.

Be Smart Enough To Use Outdoor Areas

Feel free to take the benefits of outdoor areas in case your office offers them. In cases you find the weather suitable, consider arranging meeting sessions outside.

Undeniably, it is safer compared to a confined space. And while arranging meetings, be sure to follow some etiquette. Show respect to your co-workers from distance, avoiding the handshake.

Try To Be Respectful

Don’t try to be respectful towards your co-workers. If you find any of your colleague(s) or employee(s) don’t feel comfortable stepping into office space with anyone, try to keep their request. Besides, if you find anyone who feels nervous about kitchen or desk sharing, don’t be disrespectful.

Discuss With Your Immediate Team

As an employer, you should think beyond your personal space. It means you need to give attention to the fact that all your employees are also getting the chance of maintaining this space. To do it, be sure all of them feel comfortable enough. Discuss with your immediate team members to find the right solutions for doing so.

Anyway, these are the ways that will help you to maintain the much-needed personal spaces. Go after all these rules and choose a reliable office space provider to hire advanced and well-equipped office spaces.


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