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COVID Pandemic Promotes Virtual Office

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses into remote working from home. Many small business owners are reducing their retail and office spaces and transitioning into a virtual office environment. As entrepreneurs have been forced to reassess their daily business operations with a physical space, they have suddenly realized the massive potential that Virtual Office can offer.

What is Virtual Office?

Basically, a virtual office is an office that primarily exists in cyberspace without a designated physical location. It empowers businesses to run from any location virtually. A virtual office membership offers a service that enables business owners to work remotely from their homes while having access to several business functions through the internet. Businesses can have an office address at the most desirable location, but prefer to actually working from somewhere else.

3 Benefits from Virtual Office

  • Physical Address

It is not a PO box, but it comes with a private physical address in a prestigious office building where you elect to receive your business mail and packages. Having a virtual office at a coworking space like ZworkSpace in Fullerton provides you with the professional appearance of your business without committing to a lease obligation. You can also register your business, LLCs or Corporations with the state and city.

  • Business Authority

ZworkSpace’s virtual office membership provides responsible people available to receive envelops and packages and notify you through email or text timely. Also, ZworkSpace builds trust among customers, and businesses don’t have to suffer by losing any of the important posts from a place where they don’t actually sit. Another advantage of Virtual Office is that employers can take up home-based businesses and get the work done by the employees, remotely.

  • Flexibility and Accessibility

A real-time office may cost you a huge expense in many aspects. You would need to rent or lease the commercial space, pay utilities, buy furniture, equipment and technology. One advantage of Virtual Office is to help you cut down start-up expenses and help you in saving some cash, which you can utilize in future business expansion. Businesses can also arrange team gatherings or client meetings at ZworkSpace at an additional cost. With the virtual office membership, you can have access to dedicated desks, small private offices or conference rooms as and when required.

Virtual Office provides an affordable and flexible solution to small business owners. It helps businesses establish a more prestigious status at a minimal cost. ZworkSpace, a coworking space in Orange County offers two virtual office memberships starting at $25 per month. Interested businesses can contact ZworkSpace at (714) 253-7788 or for a virtual office address in Orange County and discover a wide range of remote work possibilities.


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