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4 Tips for Designing a Conference Room of a Coworking Space

conference room

Meeting rooms are an integral part of a coworking space. According to research, various teams across different organizations and sectors spend most of their working hours in a conference room. Meeting rooms are one of the most vital parts of an office space, where most implementation takes place. A meeting room in a coworking space is popular for its tech-enabled environment that aids productivity.

However, there are many factors that contribute to shaping the overall look and feel of a meeting room. And these are what can create a positive impact on employees’ moods and keep them motivated to accomplish their goals. Want to explore these? Continue reading!

Things to Keep in Mind for Designing a Meeting Room of a Coworking Space

  • The Room Should Never Feel Crowded

Whether it’s a coworking space or a traditional office, a conference room in a coworking space should never feel crowded. It should start with the right size table. The table must be the focal point in this space. But it should not fill up the entire room. Make sure you leave enough space around the table so that people can walk easily around the parameter of the room.

  • Opt for the Right Screen

The screen is the other center focus of a conference room. Buy a screen of an appropriate size. Setting up conference room equipment can be time-consuming. Hence, make sure you supply all the necessary adaptors so that members can plugin easily and start working. Nowadays, many coworking spaces opt for wireless devices.

  • A Whiteboard and Markers Are Useful

Though these are not tech-advanced conference room accessories, many companies still appreciate old-fashioned whiteboards for brainstorming. Some coworking spaces opt for sophisticated and durable glass tables. They also work best with the same dry erase markers.

  • The Walls

The texture of the wall can create a positive and serene effect on the mood of employees. It actually determines the vibe of the space. The walls with pastel shades can combat a high-stress work environment. It’s best for creating a calming effect. A graceful wall decor not only adds color but also complements the employees’ sense of purpose.

Our conference room is suitable for a business meeting, which can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably. Not only that but we also offer all facilities that a traditional office provides to its workers. So, book a tour at our office. And keep reading other blogs to learn about coworking spaces.


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