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5 Best Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Your Coworking Space

Halloween in Coworking Space

Halloween is one of the most exciting parts of the year. Who doesn’t love dressing up in horrifying costumes and enjoying candy? It's for all ages! Even celebrating this day can be a great way to foster community, especially in a coworking space. In Fullerton, California, most shared office spaces celebrate this event nowadays to bring their employees together. It can increase communication between employees and give an extra push to stay productive. Below are the best ways to celebrate Halloween at a coworking space.

How to Celebrate Halloween at a Coworking Space

Ghost Story-Telling

Everyone loves listening to a good story. So, why not arrange a game of ghost storytelling? The rules of games should be simple! Each player has one minute to tell their story using given scenarios and terms. This game can be a perfect way to bring coworkers together during the season.

Office Decoration

It’s one of the funniest and easiest ways to celebrate Halloween at work. However, to build excitement, take a short break to decorate the office together. If you are on a tight budget, you can reuse the Halloween decor to make the decoration cost-effective. It can create a fun atmosphere to make the team excited for the upcoming event.

Dress Contest

According to a survey, most workers nowadays want to enjoy Halloween parties. So, why would coworking spaces be an exception? Halloween is all about costumes! Whether you present yourself with something elaborate or a simple way, group costumes can create unity in a team and add more fun to this event. So, arrange a dress contest where everyone will vote on the best costume.

A Pumpkin Carving Contest

A large orange pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween. So, why not arrange a pumpkin carving contest where the coworkers compete with each other? The contest must include awards for the scariest, most creative, and most artistic pumpkin. In Fullerton, many people love this contest.

Trick or Treat

Participants can trick or treat too. They have to bring in candy for the group. And everyone needs to take turns walking around the office to collect candy from their coworkers. Each of them should have a bag. It’s an excellent opportunity for coworkers to get to know each other.

Shared office space can provide you with countless opportunities to meet new people. You and your team will also meet like-minded professionals from other businesses. And in our coworking space, we are constantly coming up with new ways to bring coworkers together. Want to join us next time in Fullerton, California? Book a tour now!


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