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5 Conference Room Trends You Can Expect to See in 2022

Conference Room

Meetings are an unavoidable part of businesses. And as employees are back to the office, most of them have a common question - what will happen with meetings? After working from home for a long, everyone may not feel comfortable crowding in a conference room. Employees’ expectations about meetings have been changed.

Hence, for many coworking spaces, the time has come to evaluate their conference rooms and meet the changing needs. Below are some trending conference room ideas you can expect in 2022.

Conference Room Trends for 2022

Flexible Meeting Rooms

A large conference room is perfect for client meetings. These rooms are ideal for one-on-one discussions and quick brainstorming sessions. But with conference room shortages, these areas are even booked for small purposes, which can be a waste of resources. Hence, to avoid this dilemma, many coworking spaces nowadays opt for flexible conference room designs. Many coworking space providers break up a conference room into small sections with wall dividers or merge several spaces to create ample space.

Themed Conference Room

A meeting room should not be boring. It should be an inviting place where coworkers will get inspiration to present their best ideas. And that is why coworking spaces prioritize making conference rooms inviting by theming uniquely. It can be adding a fresh coat of paint or using custom artwork on walls.

An Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards are in high demand in 2022. These will allow you to deliver more dynamic presentations that are essential for a productive meeting. And considering it, coworking spaces opt for the models that can efficiently share board content with virtual attendees. Remember, interactivity can keep employees engaged.

Improving Audio System

It’s frustrating when the audio in a meeting breaks up. Poor audio quality impacts meeting productivity, which can lead to the meeting ending up without a clear next step. A meeting that takes 15 minutes needs to be extended for an hour as all participants are not on the same page. That is why a high-quality audio system is a must-have for a conference room. And this is what most coworking paces are paying attention to.

Video Conferencing

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many businesses embrace work-from-home opportunities. But what about the meetings? Traditional phone calls may resolve some issues. But one cannot deny the fact that face-to-face interactions result in more collaborative and productive conversations. Therefore, video conferencing technology is a must-have for a conference room in a coworking space.

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