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Are Meeting Rooms in a Coworking Space Better Than in Hotels?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are undoubtedly one of the most profitable assets of a coworking space. According to some industry experts, this facility is an opportunity for a business to grow. But you still stick to hotel rooms for your business meeting, paying an excessive amount of rental charge! It’s time to move a coworking space, facilitating all the amenities of a traditional workplace. Below are the reasons why you should consider booking a conference room in a coworking space rather than in a hotel.

Reasons to Book a Meeting Room in a Coworking Space

Personalized and Professional Service

Hotels have conference rooms for rent. But they are suitable for large-scale events. On the other hand, coworking spaces are perfect for small businesses. One can use this space for conducting meetings, employee training, and more. The meeting room they provide can accommodate up to 8 people. Here, you will facilitate high-speed Wi-Fi, wall-mounted flat-screen TV with HDMI connections, a whiteboard, markers, and so on.

Easy to Book

It might be easy to book a hotel room. But booking a conference room in a hotel involves numerous points of contact. But there are no hassles in leasing a coworking space. Take a look at their membership plans. And choose the one that suits your affordability.

A Cost-Effective Option

It’s one of the main reasons why many entrepreneurs nowadays are embracing the concept of coworking. Here, you will facilitate a well-equipped meeting room without taking any burden of overhead costs. But the conference room of a hotel accommodates more than 100 people. It requires specialized catering, which makes the packages quite expensive.

Dedicated Services

Hotels are for renting rooms and large-scale catered occasions. They don't focus on servicing the conference room bookings. On the flip, most coworking spaces usually have customer service representatives whose role is to look after the meeting rooms.

Natural Light

Hotels always prioritize maximizing sunlight in bedrooms. And here, meeting rooms are relegated to less appealing options. But in a workplace, natural light is considered a significant supporter that can boost productivity and employee happiness. Most coworking spaces nowadays prioritize bringing daylight to the office environment, including meeting rooms.

So, isn’t hiring a meeting room in a coworking space better than in hotels? Then contact us immediately and book a tour at our office! We have a well-organized meeting room where you can carry out your business meeting briskly.


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