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Dedicated Desk FAQ for Co-Working Beginners

Are you a freelancer, sole proprietor, or small business owner who needs a flexible and affordable office space? ZworkSpace can offer you a reasonably priced dedicated desk so that you can focus on working your way. If you are new to the co-working scene, you may be wondering what a dedicated desk membership can provide you that a home office or working elsewhere cannot. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about choosing a dedicated desk for your space needs:

Can I keep my stuff at my desk?

When you get a dedicated desk membership, that space is yours to use for work materials and other items so that you don't have to carry them back and forth to your office every day. Whether you have art supplies, multiple monitors, or marketing materials that you use daily, you can keep them at your desk for as long as you have a membership. There is also enough room at these desks to bring in your own storage options, as needed. Send us an email or call us about your storage needs for a dedicated desk, and we can help you find effective solutions. Our facilities are kept safe and continuously monitored to maximize security and ensure that your items remain where you put them.

I am an introvert and need to focus. What can I do?

The beauty of co-working is that there are universal signals that everyone understands and uses. One of the major ones is putting in your headphones, which is a straightforward way to communicate to others that you're not in a talking mood, or you're too busy to talk. Co-working spaces tend to have a reputation for being very social compared to a typical office. While the environment may be more relaxed, there are plenty of ways to show the people around you that you're buckling down and focusing on your work so you can minimize distractions.

I work with a team. Will we be able to sit together?

If you're collaborating with a small team, you can get dedicated desks that are clustered close together. We also offer small office spaces that can accommodate groups of up to five people at competitive rates. An office might be more cost-effective, depending on the size of your team and the types of projects you need to accomplish. Tell us about your business needs, and we can help you choose the best option to save you time and money. Whether you want a dedicated desk, a cozy office for a team, or you want a great deal on a virtual office with a physical mailing address, ZworkSpace has plenty of options to optimize your workflow so you can focus on the job with minimal distractions. For more information about our workspace membership offerings, give our friendly team a call at 714. 253. 7788 or email us at



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