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Different Types of Membership Plans Offered by a Coworking Space

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Membership Plans

Nowadays, most coworking spaces offer varieties of membership plans. By doing so, they will not only attract customers but also make more money. Membership plans are nothing but the backbone of the monthly revenue strategy of a coworking space. But a reliable provider never charges extra from their clients.

Are you looking for such an office space to expand your business? Then read the entire blog first to be aware of the membership plans they offer.

The Membership Plans to Choose in a Coworking Space

Dedicated Desk Membership Plan

This membership will allow you to assign a specific desk within a shared office space. Whether you are a freelancer or a remote worker, it can be an ideal option for you to stay productive. It will give you a feel that you are in your personal office. This option will give you some benefits, such as storage, access to a conference room and communal kitchen, etc.

Hot Desk Membership Plan

It’s one of the most popular options in a coworking space. In this membership plan, there is no fixed workstation. Here, you can take any available seat. With a hot desk membership plan, the users can also access the necessary office equipment and Wi-Fi. It’s an excellent option for people who love to work from different locations.

Private Office Membership Plan

It’s one of the most desired facilities wished by coworkers. This membership plan will give you and your team the privacy and freedom of working in your office. And there is no hassle of maintaining this space. A private office can be a great option for start-ups, small business teams, and remote employees. Leasing a private office means you need not share the space with anyone.

Virtual Office Membership Plan

This membership plan will give you the best of both worlds - the professional environment of a coworking space and the convenience of working from home. It will give you access to a coworking space without any need for a physical office. A virtual office can benefit workers a lot. One can use the address of shared office space to make their business look professional. You can also access their conference room and collaborate with fellow members.

Now, it's up to you which one you want to choose. Aside from all these options, our coworking space also offers a conference room membership plan. But we have always been transparent about our price. So, wait no more! Book a tour at our office! And read our other blog posts to know more about us!


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