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Hot Desking - 4 FAQs That You Must Explore!

hot desk

Gone are those days when employees need to spend their office cooped up in a cubicle. But today’s workplaces have a smart platform that has been proven to be quite effective for office operations. The advanced concepts allow workers to do their works full of comfort and flexibility. Well, if you want to expand your business with a new concept of a workspace, embrace hot desking. It’s nothing but the internal sharing of a workstation between any number of employees. Each employee can use the same desk at different times.

However, for your start-up business, if you need a coworking space, you must have a clear idea about hot-desking beforehand. So, explore the following FAQs given in this blog.

Some Important FAQs on Hot Desking

Here are a few vital FAQs that you must explore before hiring a coworking space.

What Is Hot Desking?

Hot desking is a workplace organization system in which multiple workers are allowed to use a single workstation at different times. In this regard, a workstation can be a cubicle, desk, or any work surface. It means, with hot-desking, a small workspace can accommodate a large workforce. This working system can be ideal for freelancers, start-ups, etc. it actually aims to maximize space efficiency lessening real estate risks.

What Is the History of Hot Desking?

The concept of hot-desking has been adopted from naval practice, called hot racking. It was a practice of utilizing bunks in a ship. As the low-ranking crew members were working in a rotational shift, they need to share bunks.

The term ‘hot’ signifies that the vacating member will leave the bed warm for the next user. And this is the concept that has been using since 1990. And now, it has become common in a workspace.

What Does Make This Form of Office Space Popular?


According to research, the cost can be almost 30% less to run an office with the concept of hot desking. It can effectively reduce the need for square footage.

Ideal for Modern Workplace

With the advancement of technology, the facilities of workplaces to handle works are developing day by day. And hot desking suits this reality. Whether it’s freelancing, subcontracting, or remote working, it can be easier with this system.

Better Space Utilization

Hot desking can be majorly responsible for better space utilization. It will allow the team to move around the workspace. You can create a perfect hot-desking ratio of employees by collecting the data of how many desks you are using in this space.

What Should you Consider for Embracing Hot Desking?

As a business owner, before you steer your organization to the hot desking, make sure you take a close look at office space. Communication is also vital in this respect. Hot desking can go hand in hand with working from home. So, think about how to coordinate.

Bottom Line

ZworkSpace will provide you with the facility of hot desking. So, before leasing our space, book a tour at our office. We offer several amenities in our coworking space. Read other blogs to know in this regard.


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