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How to Design a Productive and Inclusive Coworking Space - 6 Tips!

Coworking Space

A coworking space enables diverse groups of working professionals to collaborate and work together. Whether it’s freelancers or entrepreneurs, these shared office spaces can be an ideal option for them to conduct their businesses. But to ensure 8 to 9 hours of productivity, they need the right working setup that will allow them to work flexibly without any hassles.

A well-designed coworking space offers greater flexibility, creating a productive and positive working environment. And that is what most people consider when it comes to leasing such workplaces. According to research, office design influences job satisfaction levels and employees’ productivity. Therefore, with the right design, a coworking space can boose its business ROI.

In this blog, we have brought out a few tips that one should follow for designing a coworking space. Remember, a coworking space may lose its clients unless it meets their unique requirements.

Tips to Design a Coworking Space

Incorporating Multiple Seating Options

The working professionals who want to feel mentally and physically comfortable in their workplaces deliver peak performance. So, how can we forget about seating arrangements? Deploying diverse seating amenities, such as couches, chairs, and tables, allow employees to work without stress. For example, installing adjustable chairs can minimize neck pain. On the other hand, a tall height desk can help workers with severe back pain. Besides, installing a tall height desk can reduce the risk of sedentary lifestyle diseases. Most coworking spaces nowadays prioritize incorporating the following seating arrangements:

  • Dedicated Desks

A dedicated desk refers to a desk that can be rented out to a specific individual. This arrangement allows a worker to reserve a specific desk while enjoying all shared amenities. If you book a dedicated desk for five days, you will have the same space for these days.

Dedicated Desks

  • Flexible Desks

This workplace arrangement allows workers to access the available desks at different times on a first-come, first-serve basis. Flexible desks allow employees to move around the office, which leads them to talk to team members freely. This seating arrangement allows them to change their day-to-day environment.

  • Private Office Space

Most workers want to do their work while maintaining privacy. And that is where the importance of having a private office space lies. Here, one can carry out their work without any disruptions.

Working in a private office help employees rid themselves of irritating distractions that can impede their work. In a private office, one can have control over the layout and decor.

Creating a Confidential Zone

Many business operations deal with confidential data. For such discussions and meetings, a conference room may not suffice. The team may need a separate space where they can carry out confidential client meetings. You need a zone to uphold your privacy needs. That is why many coworking spaces nowadays use dry walls or acoustic sound installation. It’s a must to secure computers and laptops from cyber attacks. In our coworking space, we offer storage cabinets and desks to store and lock confidential data. Each coworking space should allow visitors to access the space after authentication.

Introducing a Relaxation Room

Extreme work pressure can be majorly responsible for burnout. So, keeping this in mind, each coworking space should introduce a relaxation or recharge room to create a happy vibe in the office. And that is what will allow coworkers to take a break from their work. A relaxation room can undoubtedly amplify employees’ productivity, allowing them to remain stress-free. In the USA, many coworking spaces have already brought fun activities, like playing indoor games, enjoying good music, etc.

Incorporating a Food Station

A food station in a coworking space allows coworkers to refuel their bodies and mind with food delicacies. In this breakout zone, employees will get an opportunity to socialize with their coworkers, which leaves their stress behind. Therefore, creating a food station and incorporating vibrant design can be an excellent way to let all the teams socialize, satiating their taste buds.

Food Station

Keeping this in mind, we have introduced a communal kitchen in our coworking space that includes a coffee/tea station, purified water, microwave oven, and refrigerator.

Keeping the Space Clean

Working in a messy area is truly frustrating. It can even hamper productivity. Therefore, keeping the space clean is a must. Cleanliness reduces the chance of employees getting sick. Workers spend most of their time in their offices. Hence, the chance is high that bacteria thrive in an office environment. A sanitized and clean workspace signifies a level of professionalism and indicates that you care about your brand and employees.

A tidy office space influences employee productivity, performance, and wellbeing. It creates trust and instills confidence from the beginning, which leaves your clients with the impression of efficiency. Many employees consider their workplace as their second home. Hence, by keeping the office space tidy and the working environment well-maintained, you will allow your employees to be efficient, productive, and happy.

Bringing Greenery

Placing indoor plants is one of the most inexpensive ways to inspire productivity. Bringing greeneries to a workplace can also spruce up its decor. Moreover, plants can improve air quality and curb indoor air pollution caused by air fresheners and building materials. Studies have demonstrated that employees who keep plants at their desks experience less anxiety and work-related stress.

So, one can enliven their coworking setup with some low-maintenance plants, such as Spanis lavender, peace lily, cast-iron plants, etc. Therefore, place them on desks, which can stabilize your team’s mood and improve productivity.

Final Words

Coworking space design is vital for creating an innovative and inspiring working environment. It can help increase employees’ productivity levels. And that is what we always prioritize. We offer all the amenities in our coworking space that a traditional office offers and allow employees to access our space 24/7 hours. These uphold a positive image that attracts valuable business opportunities.

However, the design ideas in this blog can help build a coworking space that is comfortable, visually appealing, functional, and welcoming. Read our other blogs for more detail. If you are looking for a coworking space, book a tour at our office immediately!


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