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Looking for a Conference Room? 5 Popular Styles to Consider!

A conference room is one of the most vital parts of an office. It’s a place by which you can create a strong presence for your clients. Truly speaking, if you want to flourish your business, the office space you rent must have a conference room loaded with full amenities. But when it comes to organizing this space, you will have a lot of options. Some can facilitate passive learning, while others are great for a group discussion.

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry! Here, we have introduced the most common styles of conference rooms, which will be suitable for your needs.

Different Styles of a Conference Room to Choose from

Here are the common styles of a conference room, which will suit your business needs.

Boardroom Style

A boardroom-style conference room comes with an oval or rectangular table placed in the center. It’s quite useful for video conferencing or agenda-focused meetings. Besides, this setup encourages face-to-face interaction, team briefing, etc. It can accommodate up to 25 people.

Classroom Style

This type of conference room is a combination of several conference room types. Here, chairs, tables are arranged in parallel rows, enabling employees to use computers, take notes, etc. This setup is an ideal option for lectures and training sessions, where the primary contact should be between the speaker and the audience.

Banquet Style

This conference room style comes with numerous tables placed in an open room. These tables may have standing places or chairs. It will depend on your needs. This room suits best for networking sessions where people can gather in a small group and move freely. Such a setup is also ideal for award nights.

Auditorium Style

If you imagine a classic conference, this style would be the best. It’s just like an auditorium where there is a central stage for the speaker. The chairs will be placed in a straight or semi-circular row facing the stage. This conference-style is apt for audio-visual presentations. Therefore, if you need to house large employees or clients, opt for this conference room.

U Shape Style

This conference room comprises tables placed end to end to form a U shape. It’s pretty versatile. The chairs will be on the outer side. Each group will have a table. It also facilitates a conversation between the audience and speaker. The style is suitable for video conferences, training sessions, and presentations.

Final Thoughts

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