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The Importance of Having a Communal Kitchen in a Coworking Space

Communal Kitchen

The kitchen is a key part of a workspace. It’s not only a place for employees to refresh themselves but also a place for sharing ideas from strong working relationships. Many coworkers express that having a communal kitchen in a coworking space makes them more productive. The size doesn’t matter. It’s a place to fill up on food, hydrate, and relax.

Therefore, when it comes to leasing a coworking space, make sure it has a well-equipped communal kitchen. Now, let’s know about the importance of it in a coworking space.

Why a Coworking Space Needs to Have a Communal Kitchen

A Break from Screen

Whether it’s a computer or smartphone, looking at the screen all time can be difficult. It’s mentally challenging and can affect your eyes. That is why each employee needs to take breaks. The communal kitchen in a coworking space is a perfect area to break away from the screen. Here, the workers feel comfortable and motivated enjoying a cup of coffee. And this is what will prepare them for the next few hours of work.

A Great Social Space

Socializing and strengthening professional relationships are important for building a strong office culture. And this is where the communal kitchen in a coworking space plays a pivotal role. It’s a place where you can chat and talk to your coworkers casually. Here, you can get to know other professionals in the same field. And you can attain assistance from them to overcome upcoming challenges.

Healthy Eating

Having a communal kitchen in a coworking space can help workers eat and drink well. It’s a place of healthy snacks and lunches, which discourage coworkers from consuming unhealthy food. This kitchen space sources perfect appliances, such as a microwave oven, purified water, refrigerator, and more. Picking junk food is not a hassle. But it can pose a threat to your health.

Eating at the desk is also unhealthy. According to studies, the keyboard area contains dirt and germs. So, why let them crawl over your lunch? It’s better to take your lunch in a well-equipped communal kitchen.

Multi-Functional Space

A communal kitchen is not a space to eat, socialize, and relax, but this space can also be used for creativity, meetings, etc. Meeting spaces are always in high demand. If the conference room is already booked, one can use this space to hold an impromptu meeting. Here, you will facilitate enough seats and tables.

Bottom Line

These are the reasons why a communal kitchen is a must-have in a coworking space. So, if you are looking for a shared office space that offers this facility, book a tour at our office. Our stylish kitchen is a perfect place for a hangout during the break.


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