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Things to Know Before Choosing a Coworking Space for Your Next Meeting

Do you know that you can rent out a meeting room at many coworking spaces in the US? These shared office spaces are highly flexible, where you can rent a desk to work on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Coworking spaces are actually diverse in nature and layouts. They offer a range of amenities, including a meeting room. But when it comes to renting a conference room in this workplace, many questions pop into people’s minds.

Therefore, if you need a meeting room for your next meeting and consider renting it at a coworking space, here are some important things you need to be aware of beforehand.

What to Know before Booking a Meeting Room in a Coworking Space

Do You Need To Be a Member for Using This Space?

The members of a coworking space can definitely use their conference room for free. The meeting room they offer can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably. But many coworking spaces allow non-members to use their meeting rooms. Hence, before you book, make sure you double-check it. And verify whether you have to sign up as a member if you want to use this room on a regular basis.

What You Will Get in This Meeting Room

A reliable coworking space provider offers a range of facilities in their meeting rooms. The conference room they offer is ideal for conducting meetings without any disruptions. Here you will facilitate high-speed Wi-Fi, a wall-mounted flat-screen TV with HDMI connections, a whiteboard, markers, etc. Many coworking spaces even offer a limitless supply of coffee. But before you book, make sure the space is suitable for your meeting.

What Facilities They Offer Outside the Meeting Room

Maybe, you need to access their kitchen space during the break. Check what facilities the coworking space includes outside the conference room. And don’t forget to check whether there are any restrictions on how to use the wider space if you are a non-member. Many coworking spaces offer a complimentary day pass. Hence, you may want to work from the place for the remaining hours on the day of your meeting.

What Happens When the Meeting Runs Over

Many coworking spaces give a small amount of grace once the meeting runs over. Ask if the space has breakout areas that you can use. If so, here you can carry on talking once the slot becomes finished, if required. If you are interested in renting their meeting room, it's best to consult with the community manager to know the ins and outs of the coworking space.

Coworking spaces are collaborative in nature. The facilities they offer can help conduct your business and meeting smoothly. So, before you book a conference room, ensure you capitalize on the point to make your meeting stand out against the crowd and book a tour at our office.


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