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Top 4 Trends You Can Expect from Coworking Industry in 2022

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

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Like other industries, coworking spaces have also got a hit from the Covid-19 pandemic. As many countries went to lockdown, millions of workers were forced to work from home. But in 2022, things are getting back to normal now. The market is recovering. And it’s expected that 2022 can be a revolutionary year for coworking spaces. Many experts assume that the demand for these flexible workspaces will be higher than the previous year.

But how to stay ahead in this competitive market and meet clients’ expectations? Here are the top trends you can expect from the coworking industry this year.

Coworking Trends Shaping up for 2022

Coworking Spaces Have a New Purpose

Prior to the pandemic, coworking spaces are only for freelancers and startups. But these days, corporations have also started adopting the concept of coworking. According to research, many employees prioritize their personal life over the proximity to work, which is why they are seeking flexibility in workplaces. That is why many coworking spaces focus on improving their amenities to offer a wide variety of working environments to all styles of workers. It serves as a drop-off point for hybrid workers trying to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Health-Focused Designs

Workers spend most of their time at workplaces. Therefore, everything they touch here should be a quality, healthy, and well-being center. It’s truly important, especially in the post-pandemic environment where hygiene should be the main concern. That is why most coworking spaces are prioritizing providing quality furniture solutions. They are supplying ergonomic furnishing items so that employees can work here comfortably.

These Workspaces Are Not Reserved for the City

At the beginning of the pandemic, many workers started working from home. Some of them are from the suburbs. But after months of working at home, isolation and distractions have impacted their ability to remain focused and productive. Hence, it’s expected that coworking spaces will expand their services to smaller towns and suburbs so that the workers living here can have a physical workspace. They actually aim to facilitate coworkers working near home.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Environment

Green eco-friendly environments have become the top workspace design trend in 2022. Most workspaces nowadays are embracing the idea of environmental protection and natural prevention. As a result, workers will be happier to join the coworking spaces that perform the same social mission. In this regard, workers need to minimize the usage of plastics. The workplaces must have living plants that can refresh air, decorate the premises, and encourage well-being and sustainability, of course!

Retaining coworking members requires an emphasis on advanced technology, wellness design, and creating a purpose-driven workspace. And these are what we always focus on. So, contact us if you need a well-equipped coworking space.


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