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Unlock the Benefits of a Virtual Office with Zworkspace

As businesses continue to evolve, traditional office spaces are becoming less of a necessity. With the rise of remote work and the need for flexible solutions, virtual offices have become an increasingly popular choice for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers. 

Starting a new business is an exciting yet challenging venture, especially when it comes to finding a professional and affordable physical address to conduct your business. Fortunately, Zworkspace can provide you with a physical mailing address in Fullerton, CA. The service costs $40 per month ($240 Semi-Annual) or $30 per month ($360 Annual) depending on your preferred payment plan.

What Perks comes with Zworkspace Virtual office

Private Address (Not a PO Box)

With Zworkspace’s virtual office, you can enjoy a private, physical address that is not a PO Box. This address can be used for your business registration, mail forwarding, and other official purposes.

10% Discount on Conference Room 

When you need a professional and fully equipped meeting space, you can take advantage of Zworkspace’s conference room with a 10% discount. Our meeting room is perfect for meetings of up to 8 people and comes fully equipped with everything you need to have a productive and successful meeting. We even offer complimentary refreshments to keep you and your guests energized. 

Virtual Mailbox 

Zworkspace offers a virtual mailbox service that allows you to receive your mail and packages at your virtual address. You can then choose to have them forwarded to your physical address or pick them up at the Zworkspace location.

Choose Zworkspace for Your Virtual Office Needs 

In conclusion, Zworkspace offers a smart and modern solution for businesses of all sizes needing a flexible and professional workspace. With their virtual office services, you can have a private physical address, a virtual mailbox, and access to a fully equipped conference room at a discounted rate. Zworkspace is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers looking for an affordable and reliable virtual office. So why wait? Choose Zworkspace today and take your business to the next level!

Are you looking for a reliable coworking space?

Are you looking for a reliable coworking space to lease a conference room? ZworkSpace is a local coworking space in Fullerton. Our well-equipped conference room can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably with various amenities. So, what keeps you waiting? Book a tour now!

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