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What to Look for When Choosing a Conference Room in a Coworking Space

Are you running a startup? But you don't have the resources to rent a dedicated office space! A coworking space can be a great alternative, offering a professional workspace with flexible leasing terms and shared amenities. Most importantly, you can access their conference room for meetings, presentations, and collaborative work. But not all meeting rooms are created equal.

Are you in urgent need of a conference room to conduct your business meeting? Below are the top features to look for when choosing a meeting room in a coworking space.

Things to Check for Selecting a Conference Room in a Coworking Space


The conference room you choose should be large enough to comfortably accommodate all participants so you can move around and set up the necessary equipment. Additionally, consider the layout of the room. Check their seating arrangement. Check whether there is a presentation screen or whiteboard. Will it be easily visible from all seats?

Technology and Equipment

A well-equipped conference room is essential for modern business meetings. Look for a conference room with up-to-date technology, including high-speed internet, video conferencing capabilities, projectors, and screens. Additionally, check if the room has ample power outlets and charging ports for all attendees.


Privacy matters a lot when choosing a conference room. The room should be in a quiet place of the coworking space, away from high-traffic areas. The conference room should be lockable and secure, with adequate soundproofing to prevent distractions from outside noise.


Accessibility can be a vital factor in ensuring a successful meeting. Look for a conference room easily accessible within the coworking space, with clear directions and signage to guide attendees. Additionally, consider the availability of parking and public transportation.

Aesthetic Appeal

While not essential, the aesthetic appeal of a conference room can make a big difference in the overall feel and effectiveness of a meeting. Look for a well-lit room with comfortable seating and tasteful decor. You can also consider design elements relevant to your business, such as the color scheme or artwork on the walls.


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