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Why COVID-19 Makes Coworking More Attractive

The modern workplace is changing faster than ever. Prior to COVID-19, coworking spaces with open office concepts were attracting many freelancers and small businesses. However, no one knows now when we could get back to normal. The first step of resuming office life will involve making basic changes to keep it safe and to reduce fears. Coworking spaces are envisioning a new normal, prioritizing additional space, cleaning and flexibility.

That would seem to be a logical and immediate solution to make in the new era of telework and social distancing, but this will not be forever changed due to the pandemic. There are 3 reasons why coworking should recover from the COVID-19 crisis, not only stronger but also more important and necessary.

1. Limited Options at home

Working from home allows for flexible hours, and with the right resources, some can conduct business as usual. Many people are becoming comfortable with telework for the first time and figuring out all sorts of ways to make it smooth. But that does not mean all those remote workers will work at home forever. For example, many remote workers do not have a dedicated workspace in their homes due to family living conditions or sharing space with other roommates. Others do not have access to the high-speed internet required to conduct online meetings or be in contact with their coworkers. Working from home also makes it difficult for some people to balance when home-life and work-life blend together. For this reason, coworking spaces like ZworkSpace plays a key role during this time, by hosting the remote workers and helping them adapt into a safe work environment.

2. Community Environment

Connecting with other professionals is another big reason why people want to work in a coworking space, as opposed to working from home. Coworking spaces do not just serve the remote workers. They are a crucial support structure for small businesses, sole proprietors and other entrepreneurs. Coworking spaces maintain their own community environment and often cultivate a unique experience that meets the needs of other members. Networking with others and brainstorming business ideas with other entrepreneurs can also spark new ideas and business opportunities. Coworking spaces offer a great environment where you can feel safe and productive. This is truly a great option for people who are outgrowing their home office space but are not ready to commit to signing a long-term lease.

3. Affordable and Flexible Memberships

Another appealing element of coworking is the simplicity of its pricing structure. Coworking memberships range from month-to-month to one year. Also, coworking spaces come fully furnished, and maintenance and utility costs are all included in memberships.

ZworkSpace offers 4 membership options:

  • Private Office starting at $900

  • Dedicated Desk for $250 per month

  • Virtual Office starting at $25 per month

  • Conference room for $45 per hour

Whether you are getting tired of working from home or you are thinking about joining a community with other professionals, ZworkSpace can offer coworking solutions that cater to your needs. For more information about our membership tiers or amenities, contact us today at (714) 253-7788 or email us at You can also book a tour here.

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