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Why Coworking Spaces Always Prioritize The Concept of a Breakout Space

Breakout Space

Have you ever wondered why people take a vacation? The answer is to change the setting of their lives and rejuvenate their minds for a short period of time. And that is exactly necessary for an office. In modern-day working, we spend hours at our desks and are glued to computer screens. But whatever the type of job you do, taking a break is necessary for each employee. That is why most coworking spaces in Orange County always prioritize the concept of breakout space. The communal kitchen space they offer is excellent for relaxation.

Below are the reasons why every office needs a breakout area.

Importance of a Breakout Area in a Coworking Space

An office breakout area doesn’t serve any specific purpose. It’s a place separated from the usual working area. It can be an ideal place for employees to relax. In a communal kitchen, you can eat your lunch and even hold informal meetings. Let’s know more about it in the following lines.

Increased Productivity

Each individual who works with PCs must take a break of at least 5 minutes every hour. And that is where the importance of having a breakout space lies. It will allow them to give their eyes and brain a rest from work pressures. As a result, they can return to their work feeling revived and work hard, which results in increased productivity.


Sitting at a desk for hours is truly mentally exhausting. It can even pose a threat to workers’ health. That is why breakout spaces have become a familiar feature of a coworking space. It allows employees to move around the workplace instead of sitting in one place continuously. And that is what will reduce your mental blockages and enhance your concentration level.

A Great Space for Collaboration and Interactions

A communal kitchen in a coworking space gives its employees a dedicated space that they can use for collaboration and interactions. Here, you can collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds. It means you need not be confined to your desk for a long time. A breakout zone will give you a chance to interact with fellow employees. As a result, one can build an interactive workforce.

Creates a Positive Impression

Your office is representative of your work culture. Therefore, if your workplace has a well-maintained breakout area, it shows you care about the well-being of your employees. And this will create a positive impression on your potential clients.

So, wait no more! If you are planning to shift your business to a coworking space, lease our office space. Our communal kitchen is a perfect place for your employees to hang out. So, book a tour and read other blogs to know more about us.


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