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Working As a Freelancer? How to Effectively Use Hot Desking!

Hot Desk

Hot desking is a brand new style of office sharing concept. It’s a trend associated with coworking spaces where workers can change their desks regularly. Even hot desking has been welcomed by a large pool of companies.

It doesn’t have a designated owner. Someone who uses a desk may use a different one tomorrow in the same workplace. But it seems intimidating to many freelancers. And you are one of them, right?

It’s nothing but fear. And once you overcome it, you will relish the thrill of using such desks. Below are a few ways to effectively use hot desking as a freelancer.

Tips to Effectively Use Hot Desking As a Freelancer

Share Hot Desking Plan with Others

Working at the same desk in a coworking space is monotonous. It can even cause distractions because of monotony. But hotdesking provides a solution to this issue. This facility allows the coworking space members to change their desks every day. But sometimes, during peak hours, many workers have no choice but to use whatever desks are available.

So, why not share a hot desking plan with others to prepare them for a switch? If a freelancer doesn’t have a fixed desktop, change the desk with him.

Communicate with Other Freelancers

Networking is the notable benefit of working in a coworking space. And that is where hot desking plays an important role. It increases networking possibilities by allowing you to change desks where freelancers sit. For example, a person who sits beside you today may not sit in the same place tomorrow. As a result, you will get an opportunity to interact with every freelancer working in the coworking space. And you don’t know who will be your partner in the future!

Use a Private Space If Required

Do you have a small team? Maybe, you require a private space to discuss sensitive information. Well, the good news is that most coworking spaces nowadays come with the facility of a private office where you can conduct your meeting without any disruptions. They also have a conference room and offer other creative solutions for it.

Follow the Hot Desking Etiquette

For hot desking, it needs etiquette rules to avoid arguments over noise, territory, mess, and storage space. However, as a freelancer, if you want to continue your work with hot desking, it’s wise to book your desk in advance. Encourage your team to leave the desks in a better state. Make sure you leave them clean. But never consider it as personal.

Encourage your team to try out different workstations. Store your belongings in a place where you need not worry about lugging them around.

Final Words

Our coworking space is ideal for collaboration, networking, and innovation. So, if you work as a freelancer and want to boost productivity, consider leasing our office space. Aside from hot desking, we provide all the facilities you expect from a traditional office. It’s accessible 24/7 hours. So, choose your membership plan immediately! And read other blogs to know more!


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