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5 Event Ideas to Build a Community in a Coworking Space

Tea Party

Needless to say, the popularity of coworking spaces is exploding. These shared office spaces give freelancers and other independent workers an opportunity to network and collaborate. A coworking space is all about creating a community that brings together people from diverse backgrounds. Most importantly, it’s a place where you can host events to increase morale and productivity. Therefore, as a coworking member, if you are planning to host an event, the following coworking event ideas can keep the community engaged.

Some Incredible Coworking Event Ideas to Build Community

Lunch and Learn

A lunch and learn is nothing but a learning session led by coworking members over lunchtime. In this open invitation, people eat listening to lectures and learn new skills. With its help, one can create a culture of collaboration and idea-sharing. It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise and market your service.

Product Launch Party

Is your company going to introduce a new product? A coworking space can be a perfect venue for a launch party. Of course, your team will love a change of environment. They will get an opportunity to meet independent workers who work with innovative ideas. Consequently, you can fill your employees with fresh ideas and vigor.

Speaker Series

The Speaker series is an excellent opportunity for your employees to learn from subject matter experts. So, identify your workers’ skill gaps and the area of their interest. And then bring in local speakers who will share their expertise. It can be an SEO who will give strategies to boost digital presence. Or, it could be an accountant who will discuss tax-saving strategies for small businesses.

Social Events

Social interactions in a coworking space can help your employees relax. As a business owner, you can also host a small pizza party in your space. It’s an opportunity for employees to get to know each other. If you want to make the social event interesting, work on something together. It can be painting a mural on the walls. It’s truly a great way to create connections.

Panel Discussions

If your employees are willing to learn about various useful topics, host a panel discussion with the experts discussing trending things from the industry. It not only encourages development and learning but also improves motivation.

Coworking events are a great way to take a break from everyday activities that will improve one’s motivation, performance, and productivity. And that is where we always encourage our coworking members. But ensure you know what they enjoy and how they want to engage with their community. Follow us on Instagram to get more updates.


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